Information about CQI exams

You need to be registered for the unit in order to sit an exam or submit your assignment. Your education centre will provide you with a CQI unit entry form (ED-04). Once complete you will need to send it back to the centre, which will register you with the CQI.

Please contact CQI Education directly if your address details have changed.

January 2019 Assessment Round

The next assessment round will take place in January 2019. If you would like to participate in this assessment round, you will need to register with your education centre. If you are not sure where to find your education centre, click here or contact us.

*Please note, all times are local to the United Kingdom. In January these are GMT, in June these are GMT+1 (British Summer Time). The exams need to start at the same time worldwide. If you are based outside of the UK please contact us if you have any issues with these timings.

Exam requirements

We recommend that students bring a pen, pencil and ruler with them to the examinations, some may also require a non-scientific calculator. In addition to this, students are required to bring photographic ID to the examination in order for us to verify your identity. This can be your passport, driving licence or national ID, without which students will not be permitted to sit the examination.

Assignment units submission dates

There are three submission assessment terms for assignment units – in January, June and October. Please contact your education centre to find out about their exact assignment submission deadlines.

Important information

We no longer enroll new students on CQI Qualifications due to a change in our learning and development portfolio but if you are a current CQI qualification student please continue studying and register for assessments.

We will continue to run three assessment sessions per year (January, June and October) until October 2020. Please be aware of this timeline and ensure that you complete your qualification by your time limit. Level 5 Diploma students should be aware that if they complete their first assessment after October 2016, they must still complete the Diploma by October 2020 (there will be no extra assessment round after this date).

If you are not a current CQI Qualification student and are looking for training on quality topics, find out more about CQI and IRCA Certified Training here.