Information about fees for CQI qualifications, including unit entry and examination fees.

Our administration fees are listed below. In addition to these fees, your education centre will apply study fees (tuition fees and costs for the relevant textbooks you will need). These fees vary, so we suggest you contact the education centres directly to find and compare different costs.

Learners should be paid members of the CQI to enrol for CQI qualifications and register for exams and assignment units. Learners will need to pay a unit entry fee for each unit they wish to be assessed against in the chosen assessment round.

CQI qualification fees for learners

Valid from July 2018 - October 2019.

Important information about CQI Qualifications

We no longer enrol new students CQI qualifications due to a change in our learning and development portfolio.

In order to enable existing students to complete their qualification, the CQI will continue to run three assessment sessions per year (January, June and October) until October 2020. Please be aware of this timeline and ensure that you complete your qualification by the deadline. Level 5 Diploma students should be aware that if they complete their first assessment after October 2016, they must still complete the Diploma by October 2020 (there will be no extra assessment round after this date).

If you are not a current CQI Qualification student and are looking for training on quality topics, find out more about CQI and IRCA Certified Training here.