The council's role, current members, upcoming meeting dates and terms of reference.

The CQI Advisory Council represents the broad spectrum of our stakeholders, including members, certified auditors and representatives of business, industry and government.

Its main roles are:

  • To elect and maintain an effective Governing Body (the CQI Board of Trustees)
  • To act as a consultative body and provide advice to the Board
  • To act as a fair and equitable arbiter of integrity and ethics
  • To ensure the Board progresses the activities of the CQI consistent with the best interests of the profession and the profession’s stakeholders
  • To maintain an overview of CQI governance policies, procedures and practices with respect to the Institute’s Royal Charter and Bye-lays and UK legislation.

Advisory Council members


Steve Warwood

Vice chair

David Riley


Richard Allan
Peter Lucas
Stephen Beggan
Louise Boulter
Trevor Walton
Janette Hamilton
Hilary Smith-Milne
Simon Treharne
Hannah Murfet
Roxann Dawson
David Seear
Leigh Henderson
John Oakland
Suzanne Hill
Tim Holmes
Marc Elmes

Upcoming meeting dates

7 September 2017 - 11th annual general meeting of the Chartered Quality Institute.