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CQI Competency Framework 2.0: a new CQI research project

Published: 4 Jun 2021

The CQI is pleased to announce the start of a research project to update the CQI Competency Framework. The project aims to reflect changes impacting the quality profession’s operating environment within the framework.

Mike Turner, Head of Profession at the CQI, said:

“Since the launch of the Competency Framework in 2013, and especially during the pandemic, we have seen the digital shift accelerating in organisations and supply chains. We have also witnessed an increased focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance as consumers and customers embrace sustainability in their purchasing decisions. This second iteration of the Competency Framework has two key aims: firstly, to embrace demands from changes in both the digital and sustainability agendas; and secondly, to take the Competency Framework to the next level by defining the generic knowledge, skills and behaviours required by the modern quality professional.”

The CQI is pleased to announce the appointment of Catalyst Consulting, one of its associate partners, to carry out this project. They will be calling on an appropriate range of industry leader and practitioner views, and taking account of the CQI’s ongoing Quality 4.0 research and this year’s World Quality Week theme of sustainability.

Vince Desmond, CQI CEO, said:

“This project is foundational to phase 1 of the CQI’s 2030 strategy. It is important that we have a professional standard that is applicable cross-sector and recognised globally. It gives a common language to describe the value the quality profession provides for organisations, and what skills and behaviours we expect from the profession to deliver that value.”

The project will report towards the end of 2021. It will provide a window into the new knowledge and skills quality professionals require to operate in the emerging world of Quality 4.0 and into sustainable products, services and processes.

Please email us if you wish to find out more about the project.