Our Approved Training Partners deliver our world-class portfolio of CQI and IRCA Certified Training courses.

CQI and IRCA Certified Training is a modular portfolio that offers a range of certified training courses on quality and auditing topics at different levels. This portfolio combines the knowledge and capability requirements of our two membership brands, the CQI and IRCA.

Our certified training courses are developed and delivered by a network of Approved Training Partners worldwide. Each training partner is chosen with care, ensuring that they meet the highest standards through a rigorous assessment process. This ensures our globally recognised brands, the CQI and IRCA can continue to give customers assurance and confidence in the courses bearing our accreditation and remain trusted in the market.

Developing and delivering CQI and IRCA Certified Training courses offer a training organisation the opportunity to provide a truly effective learning portfolio of relevant, valuable training to millions of ambitious and motivated professionals.

Benefits of being an Approved Training Partner

Our Approved Training Partner's:

  • Offer a portfolio of courses designed to suit employers’ needs. Auditing and quality-related knowledge and skills are in increasing demand across many industries and they offer a modern, relevant suite of learning that employers and professionals are asking for.
  • Accessing a large market of delegates with a range of course topics and levels, from those who are new to the profession (foundation level) to those with more extensive learning requirements (practitioner and professional levels).
  • Delivering tailored courses to a specific industry or sector and offering specialised training to suit the needs of clients, delegates or employees.
  • Provide choice and flexibility to their delegates and clients with short, modular courses.
  • Gaining recognition from two world-leading brands in the quality and auditing professions, the CQI and IRCA.

About the courses

CQI and IRCA Certified Training courses are available in quality and auditing topics at three levels: Foundation, Practitioner and Professional.

Currently, we have a network of over 100 Approved Training Partners (ATPs) based across the world. To find out who our ATPs are, click on the link below.