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The CQI is committed to transparency in respect of the personal data collected through our website. That includes our use of cookies.

A cookie is a small file containing an identity code. The cookie is written by the website server of the website you are visiting. Cookies are stored on your computer.

Cookies allow us to collect technical information relating to your use of our website. We gather and analyse this information through Google Analytics and other third party marketing platforms like Linked-In and - for a full list of the cookies we use, please refer to the cookie table at the bottom of this page. The data we analyse may include your browser type or the geographic location of the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the internet. We only use aggregated or pseudonimised information that does not allow us to identify individual visitors to our website. However, the data gathered by Google Analytics and other analytic tools we use are not truly anonymous. It is possible for Google to identify you personally from the identifier placed in your cookies.

We monitor aggregated information about the use of our website, such as which pages users visit most often and which pages are of interest to visitors. We collect statistics on the numbers of visitors to our website, their countries of origin, pages visited, machine information and other similar site statistics. These statistics cannot be traced back to individual users. We use them to ensure that we are providing a good service to our users and to identify and monitor technical problems that may arise.

We also track which pages users visit when they click on links in emails. This information may be used personalise the content of emails received, to make improvements to our website and to ensure that we provide the best service for all users.

The CQI website and secure members’ portal also use cookies to achieve Single Sign On (SSO). This is a technology that allows a user to log on once for access to all the resources to which they are entitled, without being challenged for their credentials repeatedly.

You can remove individual cookies or delete all of your cookies by visiting the privacy settings in your browser. Doing this may impair your experience on our website.

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