If your organisation employs a lot of management system auditors, you can benefit from working more closely with IRCA.

Having your auditors independently assessed and regularly reviewed by IRCA helps you make sure your operations and supply chain are in good shape and proves to your customers, shareholders and the public that you take auditing seriously.

IRCA’s Organisations Employing Auditors (OEA) scheme is for certification bodies and other organisations that employ more than 20 auditors. It’s especially valuable for multinational organisations who want to standardise the competency of their auditors across the globe and allow them to be recognised with IRCA certification.

Instead of dealing with all your auditors’ certifications individually, you collate them and we invoice you annually for certification fees – at an exclusive discounted rate.

We can also come up with a tailored service to suit the needs of your organisation.

Benefits of working with IRCA

  • Strengthen your business with competent, properly certificated auditing staff
  • Be recognised as an IRCA Employer, including use of the IRCA OEA logo
  • Attract and retain the best management system auditors – internationally
  • Get the best from your auditors by improving your staff development programme
  • Show your customers that you take auditing seriously
  • Save money on annual certification fees
  • Keep up to date with developments in auditing and ISO standards
  • Get access to a specialised consultancy service to review your training provision, audits and personnel development procedures (available to employers who can guarantee a certain number of auditors). Contact ircaemployers@quality.org to find out more
  • Bring your global auditing teams up to the same standard with the help of IRCA's globally recognised competency assessment.