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Volunteering opportunities

Our volunteer network is made up of the following core groups. There are opportunities for all members to get involved, regardless of their career level and sector.

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Branches are the link between the CQI and its members in local areas around the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and the Caribbean. Run by volunteers, our branches meet regularly for talks, seminars and visits to local businesses, providing opportunities for networking and sharing information and ideas on the latest quality tools and techniques. All of our branch events are listed here.

Find out more about each of our Branches.

For further enquiries please contact [email protected]

Special Interest Groups 

Special Interest Groups (known as SIGs) give our members the chance to share knowledge, learn and influence policies and best practices relating to quality in a range of specialist sectors, topics and within demographics. 

Find out more about each of our SIGs.

For further enquiries please contact [email protected]

Are you a CQI or IRCA member? Visit the Members’ Area to find volunteering opportunities across our professional networks. 

The Standards Coordination Committee

The CQI Standards Coordination Committee is a group of standard and subject matter experts that participates in creating and revising quality and auditing-related standards for the benefit of CQI members and IRCA auditors. 

Its duties include:

  • harnessing the expertise of CQI members and IRCA auditors in the development of national and international standards
  • sharing insight with CQI members and IRCA auditors
  • influencing and informing CQI standards policy
  • identifying opportunities for the CQI to participate in standards development
  • advising on the implications of standards changes for CQI products and services

For further information, email [email protected]

The Content Advisory Panel

The CQI is looking to recruit volunteers from its membership, across a range of sectors, to join its Content Advisory Panel (CAP). We are particularly looking for auditors (members of IRCA) to join. As a member of CAP, you will have an active role in supporting the CQI Executive in the development and delivery of content, including Quality World, videos, webinars, and podcasts, to name but a few. The role will require taking part in meetings, contributing to content plans, writing articles, and other activities such as technical review of content. 

To apply, send an expression of interest to [email protected] with details of your experience and how you will be able to make a valuable contribution to the requirements of this role. You can also contact [email protected] if you require more information on the role.


The CQI has a bespoke mentoring platform for all of our members. If you would like to give back to the profession and mentor the next generation of professionals you can sign up here

Board of Trustees 

The Board of Trustees is the primary governance body of the CQI and is ultimately responsible for directing the activities of the CQI. The Board of Trustees employs the Chief Executive, who recruits and manages the Executive. 

In partnership with Governors for schools 

School governors have a varied and important role and help the school run effectively.

Being a governor is a rewarding position, as a volunteer, you have the opportunity to improve education for children locally and see the impact of your decisions. The majority of our volunteers are first-time governors who bring their professional skills and experience to the role. We provide training and support for all volunteers, so you can get up to speed quickly and make a positive impact from your first day in the role. Download the role description and apply online with Governors for Schools and the charity will match your skills with a school in need.

Other volunteering opportunities

We understand that not all of our members have the time to dedicate to a long-term volunteer role. If you only have an evening, a few minutes or occasional time to get involved there are still activities you can take part in. 

  • Volunteer speaker 
    Have you got a topic you want to share with the wider quality profession – volunteer to speak at one of our many branch and SIG events across the country.  
  • If you only have five minutes to spare there are a few things you can do, too:

If you would like to find out any more about any of our volunteering opportunities, please get in touch at [email protected] 

Why our volunteers do what they do

“Volunteering is a two-way relationship, I dedicate my time and experience whilst developing my own skills in return. I am passionate about quality and it has provided me an exciting career, volunteering helps me to spread the word of quality and I encourage CQI members to become volunteers to help with their networking, learning and regrade progression, it will support their career in so many ways.”

Suzanne Hill 2020 Volunteer of the year winner

“I believe it is important for all branch members to have a local forum and to have organised events to allow networking at a local level, to visit local companies to see best practice and to develop their experience and CPD. I believe quality roles in any business are extremely important but that is difficult, particularly in SME’s, and the more we can do to help, advise, mentor those involved it will be better for us all in the future.”

Trevor Walton, Former North Eastern Regional representative

For those considering volunteering

“My advice for those who are not sure where to start: engage with your local network. Networking in any capacity will open doors, widen your horizon, and get the creative juices flowing. It is always a good starting point which will no doubt lead to meeting people with different experiences and backgrounds”

Rashad Issa, Board of Trustees