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Our governance

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The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) is incorporated by Royal Charter. The International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) is a division of the CQI.

How the CQI is governed

The CQI is a registered charity. Our charitable purpose, as prescribed in our Charter and Bye-laws, is to advance the practice of quality management in all sectors for the benefit of society.

The CQI Board of Trustee members govern the strategic direction of the CQI and as charity trustees are entrusted with ensuring that it is solvent, well run and delivering on our charitable purpose in compliance with Charity law, as well as our Charter and Bye-laws.

The Board is supported by the CQI Council and three Committees with delegated powers.

The CQI Council plays a vital role advising and informing the CQI’s strategic plans and priorities.  The CQI Council forms part of the CQI governance and stakeholder management structure defined in the CQI Framework for Corporate Governance. The Council has plays a role of appointing/removing trustees. 

The CQI Board has three Committees to which it delegates certain powers:

The CQI President is a non-executive role whose main role is to represent and promote the interests of quality and the CQI.

The day to day operational management of the CQI and development and deployment of its strategy is delegated to the Chief Executive, who is supported by the Senior Management Team.

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