The CQI President, roles and responsibilities

The CQI President is a non-executive role whose main role is to represent and promote the interests of quality and the CQI. The CQI President is appointed by the Board of Trustees in accordance with our Royal Charter.

Chris Sexton, Technical Director, Crossrail

The current CQI President, Chris Sexton, is the Technical Director of Europe’s largest infrastructure project. The £14.8 billion Crossrail project started in 2009 and is due for completion in 2018.

“Quality is of critical importance to the Crossrail programme. We have developed a team underpinned by the Competency Framework, nurtured a culture of continuous Quality improvement through a collaborative training partnership with the CQI and measured performance through rigorous metrics which are reviewed at Board level.”
Chris Sexton

The main roles of the CQI President are to:

  • Be an ambassador for the CQI and its members

  • Act as a voice for the CQI, promoting the interests of the profession within industry and in the media

  • Provide a meaningful link with government and industry bodies so that the CQI can progress its policy and plans

  • Be a guide to the CQI Board of Trustees, providing an external viewpoint on governance and strategy

“It has been a great privilege to serve as President of the CQI over the past two years. Within Crossrail it has been a very visible demonstration of my personal commitment to Quality, and it has been a great opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of the profession - as well as spreading the Quality message in the rail and construction industries.”
Chris Sexton