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Be an advocate for the quality profession

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Find ideas and tools for promoting quality or share your story with a bigger audience through the CQI.

Advocacy benefits individuals, employers, industry and the profession as a whole. Simply put, an advocate demonstrates public support for the profession. This means advocates inspire a better understanding of quality for those outside of the profession and inspire those within the profession to do their best and make a difference by ensuring governance, assurance and improvement in their organisation. Advocacy is also intrinsically linked to your continuing professional development (CPD).

If you have 5 minutes:

If you have an evening:

  • Attend an event hosted by the CQI, CQI branches, CQI special interest groups (SIGs) and the CQI regions

  • Host or speak at a branch or SIG event.

If you have more time to spare:

  • Share your expert knowledge with the CQI by offering to write an article

  • Mentor the next generation of quality professionals

  • Educate the rest of your organisation in quality (especially the boardroom)

  • Volunteer with the CQI.

How can the CQI support me in becoming an advocate?

  1. Visit the Knowledge section for a host of articles that will help you engage those outside of the profession. Just click on the share icons in the top-left corner of an article to promote it via social media or email. You will also find articles specifically about promoting quality.
  2. Collaborate with other advocates in the profession by joining our network of branches, special interest groups (SIGs) or regions
  3. Volunteer with the CQI and help to run our community groups.
  4. By mentoring the next generation, you have the chance inspire young quality professionals and shape the future of the quality profession. We can connect you with members of the CQI Next Generation Network to help you start your mentoring journey.

How can I connect my advocacy work with the CQI?

Click below to tell us your story or nominate your someone you know who is an advocate for the profession. We can help you to spread the quality message through our communications channels, including Quality World magazine, the Knowledge section, the Networks email and our marketing communications. Once you submit your story a member of the team will be in touch to discuss the opportunities with you.

Share your story

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