The CQI offers accreditation of organisations' development schemes for quality professionals, promoting high standards of quality management and helping to attract and retain the best people. Find out how your organisation can benefit.

Companies that want to demonstrate their commitment to quality management can apply to have their professional development scheme for quality professionals accredited by the CQI.

Becoming accredited promotes high standards of quality management in your organisation and raises your profile in the quality field.

Why have your professional development scheme accredited?

  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality management
  • Make employees feel more valued and motivate them to develop
  • Attract focused, committed and ambitious graduates
  • Retain qualified and experienced staff
  • Set your organisation apart from the competition.

Organisations whose professional development scheme is approved by the CQI are awarded CQI Accredited status, valid for three years.

CQI Accredited Companies receive our exclusive partnership logo and an accreditation certificate (which can be presented at an official ceremony).

Requirements for accreditation

The CQI awards accreditation of a professional development scheme when the organisation can demonstrate that it is aligned to the CQI’s vision for the quality profession, by meeting our five key criteria:

1. Scope of responsibility

The organisation has personnel engaged in ensuring effective governance, assurance (of process and product) and improvement – both at the enterprise and product service levels.

2. Leadership and behaviours

The organisation can demonstrate that its quality professionals have the necessary skills and behaviours to be effective in their roles.

3. Ongoing professional development

The organisation is committed to maximising the potential and value of its quality professionals by embedding a culture of performance and capability assessment, training and development, and clearly defined career advancement.

4. Commitment to securing external recognition of competence

Showing commitment to external recognition of quality competence through individual CQI memberships and CQI Corporate Partnership.

5. Positioning and influence

The organisation understands, values and promotes the role of quality professionals.


If your organisation is interested in having its professional development scheme accredited by becoming a CQI Accredited Company, contact us at to apply.


For details of our Corporate Partnership and accreditation fees, visit our fees page.

More information

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