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CQI Deming Special Interest Group

The CQI's Deming Special Interest Group (DemSIG) brings together quality professionals to explore the ideas and work of the renowned quality pioneer W Edwards Deming.

DemSIG aims to continue to develop Deming's thinking and look at how new approaches to leadership, management and organisational development can be incorporated into today's public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

The group provides a friendly, open and inviting place to learn and share, with members from in and outside the world of quality. Our regular face-to-face meetings and LinkedIn discussions are never dull, and are a great place to meet new (and old) friends.

The following video introduces the MoSO model and its application.

Model of Sustainable Organisation


The Model of Sustainable Organisation (MoSO) was initiated in 2007 by the Deming Special Interest Group (DemSig) of the Chartered Quality Institute.

It is designed as a holistic approach that sets out how organisations of all types and sizes exist within a context which influences the operational performance of an organization and its effect on the environment. This context is bounded by the environment and society in which an organisations exists and operates, and an organisation’s culture and leadership.

Organisations which aspire to do more than just survive in the face of today's increasingly complex environment should look for ways to build a sustainable long term future. In this, the Model of Sustainable Organisation (MoSO) may prove an invaluable resource partner.

The following video introduces the MoSO model and its application.

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