What you need to do to enrol on one of our CQI qualifications

Step 1: Register as a member with the CQI

In order to study any of our qualifications, you must be a member of the CQI. If you want to apply for our Student grade of membership, you can do this through an education centre at the same time as enrolling for a qualification. For all other membership grades, you need to apply before enrolling. Please visit the Membership section to find out more about our membership grades and how to apply. You need to remain a CQI member for the duration of the course.

Step 2: Enrol with an education centre

To begin studying for a CQI qualification you will need to enrol with one of our education centres. The qualifications are available through part-time study, supported distance learning (block release, monthly tutorials) or flexible distance learning. Each centre will have its own registration process, so please contact your centre for further details.

Step 3: Enrol on a qualification with the CQI

The education centre is responsible for registering students with the CQI. After registration with one of our education centres, you will need to complete a CQI enrolment form and send it back to the education centre. You will receive a confirmation letter from the CQI with your unique student number that should be used for all assignment and examination purposes. We are accepting new students until 31 December 2016. For more details please see our information sheet at the bottom of this page.

Step 4: Enter for examinations and individual units

Registering with your education centre and the CQI does not automatically register you for assignments and exams. You will need to register for every unit that you wish to complete by filling out a unit entry form and sending it to your education centre before the stipulated deadlines. You will receive a confirmation letter from the CQI with the relevant units you have registered for.

Currently, the CQI offers three assessment sessions per year in January, June and October. Please note that due to our recently announced changes to CQI qualifications, October 2020 will be the last available assessment session to complete your studies. Find out more in our information sheet at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact an education centre or the CQI Education department.

If you have any questions about becoming a member of the CQI, please contact our Membership department.

CQI qualifications from 2016 onwards

The CQI launched a new portfolio of CQI and IRCA Certified Training in March 2016. This is a portfolio of short courses covering a range of quality and auditing topics.

In order to implement this new approach, the CQI will not accept any enrolments for CQI qualifications from 1 January 2017 onwards. Current students should continue studying as usual. Find out more in our information sheet below.