A guide to what makes a good ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) audit has been produced by industry, government and a group of stakeholders involved in management systems certification. Launching on
9 June, Quality in the Supply Chain forms part of the UK’s celebrations for World Accreditation Day (WAD) 2019 and ties in with the theme – Adding Value to Supply Chains.

Aimed at both accredited certification bodies and those seeking certification, the guide covers the components that comprise a successful QMS audit.

Kevin Belson, Technical Manager at UKAS, said: “Supply chains are becoming ever more complex, often spanning multiple and diverse industries across international borders.  Having confidence in the quality and performance of goods and services is vitally important if procurers are to manage risks effectively and develop the necessary trust to trade.”

World Accreditation Day

As global supply chains continue to grow, accreditation, underpinned by internationally agreed standards, plays an essential role in the support of competitive markets, national and cross-border trade. This is increasingly important as businesses seek to lower costs or satisfy contract terms while maintaining a level of confidence that products are technically compatible, to specification and safe.

Eighty percent of trade involves elements of testing, calibration, inspection and certification activities, collectively known as conformity assessment (Source: OECD). A report, produced by the World Trade Organization Economic Research and Statistics Division, stated that the inappropriate use of conformity assessment accounts for 10 percent of Specific Trade Concerns (STCs).

The theme of this year’s World Accreditation Day, which takes place on 9 June 2019, focuses on how accreditation adds value to supply chains and procurement activities. The day has become an important fixture in the calendar to promote the value of UKAS accreditation, accredited conformity assessment and standards.

To mark the day in the UK, key industry and government partners will jointly publish Quality in the Supply Chain, which sets out the views of stakeholders involved in Management Systems Certification and discusses how certification bodies should approach these areas during assessments.

Get involved!

Customers, stakeholders and partners are encouraged to support World Accreditation Day (#WAD2019) by sharing the materials available on the UKAS website (https://bit.ly/2PfSy2Y) through their communications channels. 

You can also share this video on World Accreditation Day with your organisation - https://bit.ly/2IGf3Nu.

Resources such as business-benefits.org and publicsectorassurance.org will support events, press and television coverage, and workshops and seminars will take place in conjunction with the celebration of World Accreditation Day to raise awareness of the value that accreditation plays in supporting supply chains.

To find out more, contact UKAS at communications@ukas.com.