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Accredited Employer Scheme

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Apply today and ensure you are an employer of choice for quality

Career development is critical to the effective attraction, engagement and retention of high-calibre quality professionals. Make your organisation stand out from the herd by achieving CQI Accredited Employer status, an independent endorsement from the only global chartered body for quality.

CQI Accredited Employer status is achieved via an assessment of your organisation’s adherence to best practice learning and development policies, and procedures for quality professionals.

Achieving CQI Accredited Employer status is a distinct point of differentiation within the industry. It signals to prospective customers and employees that your organisation:

  • values the contribution of quality professionals
  • is committed to the professional development of quality
  • seeks to attract, retain and develop the highest calibre of quality professional

How to apply

‘Accredited Employer’ status is open to CQI Corporate Partners who can demonstrate alignment to the CQI’s vision for the quality profession and can provide evidence that they meet the set criteria. Please contact your Commercial Account Manager to apply today or [email protected] for more information.

How to inform us of any changes

The Notification of Changes process is an opportunity for those organisations who are already part of the CQI’s Accredited Employer Scheme and would like to highlight improvements made in their approach to the professional development of their Quality Professionals. In the absence of any significant changes, Recognised Employers are required, as a minimum, to complete and submit this form 12 months from the date that Recognised Employer status was awarded and then every 12 months thereafter. Please contact your Commercial Account Manager or [email protected] for more information.

The application is an exclusive benefit of the Corporate Partner programme. For further enquiries, please contact the Corporate Partners team.