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Recognition with IRCA

Being a member of IRCA demonstrates to colleagues, employers, and peers that you are a leader in your field. Known globally, our IRCA register is the leading register for management system auditors.

Be listed on the IRCA register

Demonstrate your competence to the world by joining the best, with the IRCA register. You can even personalise your profile in the members’ area to stand out to employers by adding a photo, bio, and link to your website.

IRCA logos

Our exclusive logos can be used on correspondence, business cards, and LinkedIn to demonstrate your competence to other professionals. Download your logo from the Members’ Area

Available to members holding the grades: Internal Auditor, Auditor, Lead Auditor, Principal Auditor

Types of membership and IRCA logos

Membership grade Level of expertise Logos
Associate Auditor Suitable if you have passed an IRCA auditor training course, but do not yet meet the audit requirements of your desired grade. No
Internal Auditor Suitable if you conduct internal ‘partial system’ audits of your own organisation’s management system, or a supplier’s management system. You are probably not a full time auditor. Yes
Auditor This grade is suitable  if you mainly conduct ‘full system’ audits, either as a member of a team or as a sole auditor. They may be internal full system audits, second-party or third-party audits. Some partial system audits may be acceptable. Yes
Lead Auditor This grade is suitable if you are competent in conducting ‘full system’ audits and are experienced in leading teams. Yes

Own an IRCA certification card

Each year you renew your membership, we send you a IRCA branded certification card with details of your scheme, grade and certification number for easy reference.

Celebrate with an IRCA certificate 

Receive a soft copy certificate celebrating your competence and recognising you as an IRCA member, signed by our Chair and Chief Executive. Members can request a hardcopy certificate, for an additional fee, which you can hang on your wall.

Earn more

On average, IRCA auditors have higher salaries than non-IRCA auditors. 


Take your career to the next level and become a member. 


Take your career to the next level and become a member.

Find your IRCA grade

Take our quiz to find out which auditor grade you may be eligible for