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Sustainability Impact winner and finalists 2023

Meet the International Quality Awards sustainability impact winner and finalists

This award, in partnership with BAM, awards the winner on the initiative which best translates environmental, social and governance policy and objectives to improve process, product and service outcomes for existing and future stakeholders. 

Meet the winner: Bachy Soletanche


Bachy Soletanche is a global specialist in geotechnics and foundation engineering. Its ambitious carbon reduction strategy is helping its clients to fulfil their sustainability agenda while also driving the move towards a net -zero carbon future. This sustainability drive is at the heart of their business and their approach was deemed to be particularly innovative by the judges.

Bachy Soletanche demonstrated impressive and impactful changes in carbon and energy usage with live data monitoring on their projects. The sustainability drive is at the heart of their business, and by testing innovative solutions for the use of concrete and steel materials in their field they were ground-breaking.

Judges' comments

LifeScan, Scotland 

LifeScan is a leading supplier, manufacturer and distributor of products and services which enable glucose monitoring and diabetes management. Its ONEarth team delivers on a range of sustainability initiatives which focus on reducing waste and emissions. Its approach to applying quality principles to meet requirements and improve processes was recognised by the judges.

Universal Robina Corporation (URC)

URC is one of the largest branded consumer food and beverage product companies in the Philippines. They are committed to becoming a sustainable global enterprise with a transformation project which focuses on people, climate, water, product, packaging and sourcing. The judges were impressed by their clear vision, strong quality process and committed team.

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