This is a prestigious grade which recognises individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to quality.


To upgrade to the grade of fellow you must demonstrate that you:

  • Have been a Member of the CQI (CQP MCQI) for at least two years
  • Have furthered the objectives of quality through voluntary contributions to the CQI
  • Are a peer-acknowledge expert with acclaimed contributions to a quality field
  • Have carried out outstanding service on professional committee/s
  • Have developed and supported the careers of others, especially less experienced quality professionals
  • Have made a voluntary contribution to the objectives of quality through other voluntary means, including activities started as part of a work requirement but taken beyond the original brief.

Recording your continuing professional development (CPD) is required at this grade.

How to become a Chartered Quality Professional – Fellow

  • Download and complete the application/guidance form below
    (Note: You must save this file locally before you start filling in the form in order to ensure that your input is saved)
  • Send it to us, together with payment, your CV and evidence of your qualification, by email or post.

Note: Please do not submit original documents/certificates. Any hard-copy documentation sent to us will be destroyed as soon as it has been uploaded onto our database. If you would like your documentation returned to you, please ensure that you state this when you submit your documents.

Contact us for further information about this grade, including advice on how to apply.