Inspire the next generation and help them learn about quality

The CQI is delighted to have partnered with STEM Learning – the UK’s largest provider of education and careers support in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) – to bring quality into the classroom.

We’ve worked closely with some of our members, who are already STEM ambassadors, to develop a set of resources that will engage young people and help them to understand what quality is, why it matters and the career opportunities it brings.

If you’re a UK-based CQI member, we’d like to invite you to become a STEM ambassador and part of a network of 30,000 other volunteers.

Your role will be to encourage and inspire the next generation to choose quality as a STEM-related career. Being an ambassador is not just restricted to schools either, you can also go to STEM clubs and youth and community groups to give presentations and careers talks.

As an ambassador and quality advocate you will:

  • Be part of a rewarding initiative that lets you share your experience and expertise with the professionals of tomorrow
  • Receive training and support, both online and in person
  • Help to fuel the interest of upcoming talent and make a real difference to their perceptions of studying STEM subjects. This includes girls and people from diverse backgrounds
  • Develop skills in several areas such as leadership, communication, negotiation and teamwork
  • Become a quality advocate and help to introduce the profession to a new audience that will be important in the future

How it works