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Recognised Employer Scheme - Notification of Changes

Notify us of any improvements/changes in your organisation in a few easy steps.

What it is

The Notification of Changes process is an opportunity for those organisations who are part of the CQI’s Recognised Employer Scheme to highlight improvements made in their approach to the learning and development of Quality Professionals. It also provides organisations with a mechanism for advising the CQI of any changes relevant to their ‘Recognised Employer’ status.

When it should be completed

This form should be completed and submitted to the CQI following any significant changes associated with the learning and development of quality professionals within your organisation. Significant changes may include the completion of a major project e.g.aligning quality function job descriptions and requirements with the CQI Competence Assessment Guide and Tool or a change which relates to the scope of your organisations original application e.g. a merger or acquisition.

In the absence of any significant changes’ Recognised Employers’ are required, as a minimum, to complete and submit this form 12 months from the date that ‘Recognised Employer’ status was awarded and then every 12 months thereafter.

What we will do with the results

Following submission we will review the information you provide. The purpose of this review is two-fold. In the first instance is allows us to identify any interesting or innovative improvements made and consider whether there is scope for further recognition by, for example, featuring your work in Quality World. Second it allows us to understand the ways in which your organisation is changing and advise you if we think these changes mean that you’re at risk of compromising your ‘Recognised Employer’ status. Where this is the case we’ll then be able to provide advice and guidance on how to prevent this from happening.