10 December 2020 – 11:00am
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Location United Kingdom

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Hosted by Tim Pinnell, NQA Information Security Assurance Manager, this webinar discusses the several standards in the ISO 2700-series. Which of them should organisations implement and how do they fit together? How are they audited?

There are 50 standards in the ISO 27000 series.  They’re also known as ‘security techniques’. All the standards have been created by ISO technical committees and are considered to be industry best practise. But for organisations that don’t have in-house security expertise which of the standards are the most relevant.  

This webinar will demystify the ISO 27000 series, placing them in a business-relevant context. It will organise the standards by relevance and provide more detailed insights on the more popular standards. It will forecast industry trends and explain why organisations should consider implementing them.