Answers to your questions on the delegate data process.

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Why are you required to submit delegate data?

The submission of delegate data forms a large part of our assurance process. As part of our partnership agreement, it is the ATPs responsibility to inform delegates that their details (first name, last name and email address) will be sent to the CQI.

What does the CQI do with the data submitted?

On receipt of the data, each delegate will automatically be sent a feedback survey. This feedback survey is used to measure the effectiveness of each course and assure that ATPs are delivering training to a level that is satisfactory by delegates.

Within the survey, delegates have the choice to opt-in to further communications from the CQI. If a delegate chooses to opt-in, they will be added to our database and receive communications regarding various subjects including professional membership and professional development activities. If a delegate chooses not to opt-in, their information is stored on a secure server for a period of time and destroyed thereafter.

To ensure we comply with the requirements set out in the general data protection regulation (GDPR) by May 2018, we are reviewing all data associated activities. We will inform all ATPs of any changes in this process as we review it.

Where do I submit the delegate data?

You must submit your delegate data by uploading it via the ATP portal where it is securely stored on our database. Do not, under any circumstance email your delegate data to the CQI.

When do I submit delegate data?

ATPs are required to submit data with in an agreed timescale set out in the ATP criteria:

  • For classroom based courses, submission of the data is required within five days of the final date of the course.
  • For distance or e-learning, submission of the data is required within five days of the delegates starting the course.
What data do I submit?

ATPs are required to submit a number of mandatory details regarding each delegate. The data and detailed descriptions are referenced in the ATP criteria, appendix 1. To download a copy of data required, click on the link below.

How do I submit the data??
  1. Before ATPs submit the data, it will need to be formatted correctly. To ensure that it is formatted correctly, we have put together a template for ATPs to use when preparing the data. To download the template, click on the link below. You can also access a copy of this template on the ATP portal under the ‘More info’ tab.
  2. When you have finished preparing your data in the template, save it as a CSV file. We would recommend that you use a naming convention for each file so that you can easily identify them in your records. We also advise that you reference in the naming convention, if it is a stage 1 or stage 2 upload. For example; FD103_22.08.2017_Stage1

  3. Once you have saved the file in the correct format, log on to the ATP portal and on the LHS of the home screen, click on the green button ‘Load Delegate Data’. You will be directed to another window where you can select the relevant file and upload it.

How do I know the data has uploaded successfully?

The system should inform you of a successful load and it will appear in the ‘history table’ on the same page you uploaded the data.

We will send an email notification informing you if the upload was a success or if there are any errors or corrective action required.

What do I do if I am notified that corrective action is required?

The email notification you receive will contain an attachment of the original file you uploaded. Open the attachment, the error will be identified in the last column titled ‘Error message’.

Please correct the error, resave it (according to your naming convention) as a CSV file and reupload it via the ATP portal.

How do I get the Unique Delegate Numbers (UDNs)?

The UNDs will be issued after you submit the delegate data. You will be notified by email when these are available. You can access these by logging onto the ATP portal, clicking on the ‘Delegate data (SU only)’ tab and downloading the file from the loaded link column of the chart.

ATPs should include the UDN on each delegates completion certificate.

What is a stage 2 upload?

A stage 2 upload only applies to ATPs who have delivered a practitioner or professional level course where an exam has taken place. This upload should contain the exam results of each delegate recorded in the initial delegate data submission (stage 1).

How do I do a stage 2 upload?

Use the file you have downloaded from the ATP portal which include the student UDNs. Record each delegates result, mark and if it was a resit in the relevant columns. Then save the file as a CSV (remember to use your naming convention) and reupload it via the portal.