ISO 9004:2018 - The CQI guide to achieving sustained success is here

ISO 9004:2018 – Achieving Sustained Success – The CQI Guide, developed with Catalyst, provides a detailed analysis of the guidance document ISO 9004:2018 ‘Quality management -- Quality of an organization -- Guidance to achieve sustained success’.

ISO 9004:2018 focusses on strategies and best practice to provide guidance for organisations to not just survive, but to evolve, adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing and challenging environment.

ISO 9004:2018 provides organizations with the guidance they need to go beyond ISO 9001 through aligning and deploying their strategy, policy and objectives within the context of the organisation’s vision, mission, values and culture. It also provides a self-assessment tool for organisations to gauge their current maturity and preparedness.

Businesses fail when they don’t adapt to changes in the market, to new technology or toe competition effectively. ISO 9004:2018 will help businesses to plan, respond and excel. The guide provides essential insight, advice and guidance to this key standard.

ISO 9004:2018 – Achieving Sustained Success – The CQI Guide supports users in interpreting and applying ISO 9004. It aims to provide insights and explanations so that users don’t overlook details and get full value from the guidance document. It addresses the content of the guidance document, alongside the assessment criteria to highlight how each element can be applied, from base level to best practice. It is not intended as a substitute for ISO 9004.

Written in plain English, the guide addresses each clause of ISO 9004:2018 with:

  1. Commentary on the content
  2. An overview of the assessment criteria and a closer look at what’s covered
  3. Reflections on how leaders and business improvers in the organisation can address the requirements and improve their results, including practical tips

The CQI is grateful to Catalyst for their support in producing this guide.

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