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Good Governance Report 2016

Published: 5 Sep 2016

On 7 September, senior figures from the quality management industry and some of the country’s leading directors will gather in London to debate the current state of corporate governance, for the launch of the Good Governance Index, a substantial piece of research conducted by the Institute of Directors (IoD) that seeks annually to rank the FTSE 100 companies in terms of their demonstration of good governance.

The CQI has worked closely with the IoD in the production of the Good Governance Index, and the report touches on issues that the CQI has already highlighted through its release of the Competency Framework, which was specifically designed to support organisation-wide implementation of good governance.

A panel discussion will take place on the morning of the Good Governance Index’s release as part of the launch event. Estelle Clark, Head of Profession at the CQI, will take part in this debate.

You can keep up with the debate live as it happens by following our Twitter account at @Qualityworld.

Governance, and particularly instances where good governance is not employed, is frequently in the news as organisational failings are investigated. The intention of the IoD report is less to focus on the ranking per se and more to stimulate discussion around the factors that contribute to good governance.

Downloads of the report will be available for CQI members and key issues around the ranking and its interpretation will be reported in Quality World and on the CQI website.

Good Governance Report 2016

A groundbreaking report from the CQI and the Institute of Directors.