Published: 25 Apr 2022

Recent CQI research shines a light on perceptions of the value of quality, and provides key insights into the future of the profession. 

The 2021-22 Workforce Insights, conducted for the CQI by Enventure Research Ltd, has revealed that 77% of quality and audit professionals feel they are valued and respected within their organisation. 

Alexander Woods, Policy Manager at the CQI, commented: “Workforce Insights has provided an interesting picture of how quality, and quality professionals, are perceived. Members, and others in the profession, are largely valued and respected by their employers and colleagues in organisations where there is a good culture of quality.  

“However, negative perceptions of quality persist, particularly in organisations where top management is not seen to be committed to quality, and quality is not well communicated and understood.”  

The research also highlights progression within the industry, showing that 57% of respondents expect the next stage of their career to be within the profession. Within those respondents, 22% plan to seek promotion as a quality professional with their current employer, 15% with a new employer and 21% plan to either become a consultant or expand their existing practice.  

Additionally, the research found that one third of quality and audit professionals are intent on retiring or changing career within the next two years. Alexander Woods said: “The proportion of quality and audit professionals nearing retirement or choosing to leave is of concern for the whole quality community.  

“From the qualitative research phases, we understand that some of this attrition is due to moving to more senior leadership and management roles. Quality professionals are well positioned and equipped to take on leadership roles, as well as a varied portfolio, tackling areas such as risk, business continuity, information security, as well as the more “traditional” hunting grounds of health and safety, and environmental management. 

“However, it is an unsustainable position, and the CQI shall continue supporting the profession by providing routes and support into and through their quality career.” 

The research also shines a light on skills gaps and barriers to progression within the profession. Read the full Executive Summary of the CQI’s Workforce Insights Survey 2021-22.