Published: 19 Feb 2021

We want to ensure that the needs of our members are met, which means expanding our horizons. 

We are delighted to announce that in response to member feedback  about the range and type of content we offer, we  are making improvements to the content mix and diversifying how it is delivered to you.

This is the beginning of an exciting journey that will see our content provision transformed
Gareth Kingston, Head of Membership

This results in the following changes:  

  • Quality World magazine: will focus on in-depth features, professional development articles, and case studies. It will be published quarterly to enable us to do more in other areas. 

  • Quality World online: will be a new section of the Members’ Area which will include the short form and time sensitive articles currently in QW. We are developing an index for our online QW back-catalogue, careers resources, and will produce audio-visual content. 

  • Quality World webinars: we are developing a webinar programme to enable us to cover a broader range of sectors and topics than we could ever have through Quality World. 

Watch our webinar to find out more about the upcoming changes

Members’ needs are changing, and the way we consume content is changing. Members have been very clear and consistent in telling us that though they value Quality World, it does not cover all sectors and topics in the depth that members need. The solution lies in diversifying how our content is delivered, reducing the resource intensive activity, and enabling our team to produce more within the resources available. This is the beginning of an exciting journey that will see our content provision transformed.” Gareth Kingston, Head of Membership.

The first of our new Quality World member-only webinars have been announced, you will receive invitations by email to register to the upcoming ones.