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CQI West of Scotland - Assuring Our Future: Education And Collaboration

This World Quality Day event will consist of a number of short presentations by both representatives and students from the University of the West of Scotland.

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CQI Northern Ireland - WQD and 100 Years of the CQI

Join the Northern Ireland branch for this social event celebrating World Quality Day and 100 Years of the CQI. Come along and meet the Regional Committee. Find out how we can support you. Start a conversation with our ever-growing network.

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CQI Wolverhampton - Quality Past, Present and Future Through Japanese TQM

Join the Wolverhampton branch on World Quality Day for their event focusing on Japanese TQM. Our speaker David Hutchins has spent many years assisting organisations to consider and adopt these methods and will provide an overview of his experience.

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CQI Avon - Customer Experience & Customer Journeys

Join the Avon branch at this interactive session where the speaker Ian Stanbury will introduce practical approaches to help translate and adopt the ‘Customer Focus’ Quality Principle into the design of business processes.

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ISO 44001: Collaborating to reach new heights

Published: 13 Nov 2019

Discover how organisations can strengthen working relationships to optimise value creation. David Hawkins, Chair of the committee that designed the business collaboration standard, shares his insight and top tips for implementation

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CQI Greater Manchester - Global Quality Trends

Join the Greater Manchester branch at their next event where the CQI's CEO, Vincent Desmond, will discuss the trends impacting quality management based on the CQI’s work representing the profession in the UK and globally, and where you will have the opportunity to share your i

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CQI Derby & Nottingham: Problem Solving and Reporting - The 8D method

Join the Derby and Nottingham branch for their next event where the aim will be to show the variety of Problem Solving Methods and Tools that are available.

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CQI London - World Quality Day and Beyond!

Join the London branch at their next event which will provide an opportunity to reflect on the skills, knowledge and expertise Quality Professionals need and how World Quality Day can catalyse Quality in our lives.

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Maintaining safety at sea

Published: 7 Nov 2019

Basilio Dagnino, CQP FCQI, former President of the Brazilian Academy for Quality, explains how the latest technologies are helping to improve designs for modern-day vessels. But there is much more work to be done, he says. 

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