Launched in August 2021, the committee is working on a variety of topics within assurance and prioritising the most pressing matters for our members.

The Audit SIG will work closely with the membership and the wider profession to ensure that they are using best practice and up to date knowledge to support auditors. Initially, they will be providing information on remote auditing and supporting the CQI to look at the future of assurance. 

Join us for the inaugural CQI Audit SIG Conference as we explore the role of audit in today’s evolving world.

We're pleased to invite you to Inmarsat’s headquarters in London for the Audit Special Interest Group’s (SIG’s) inaugural conference, presented by Inmarsat and in partnership with SGS. This year, for the first time, we are bringing together expert speakers and industry leaders to discuss some of the biggest topics facing the profession. With your ticket, you can choose whether you wish to attend the conference in-person or online.

In today’s evolving world, the audit profession is rapidly transforming as organisations adapt and diversify how products and services are manufactured and delivered to its customers. In this conference, we will be taking a deep dive into the future of auditing, and exploring the key components, technologies and techniques that constitute the role of audit in industry today. Learn more and register today. 

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If you're a CQI or IRCA member who wants to develop their knowledge and expertise as well as actively contribute to the objectives of the group, join us today. 


For further information about this SIG, please contact the Professional Networks Team on [email protected].