Our aims for 2020

Our strategic goals are to achieve:

Excellence in the profession

Lead a quality profession valued by employers as a business partner in delivering excellence in governance, assurance and improvement. We will do this by:

  • Gaining employer support – 200 major employers demanding professional standards so that quality professionals continue to meet the evolving needs of organisations
  • Gaining support from quality professionals – increasing our membership base by 25%
  • Professional capability – ensuring employers are able to attract capable talent
  • Quality learning – providing excellent learning and development solutions for employers and individuals 
  • Evidence value – launching annual quality professional awards to showcase the best in quality
  • Support from allied professions – ensuring stakeholders across professions support the CQI vision.

Excellence as a professional body

Align the CQI’s resources to deliver excellence in the profession. We will do this by:

  • Efficiency – we will continually improve our organisational efficiency 
  • Effectiveness – excellent product and service delivery and increase in customer satisfaction 
  • Our people – an engaged CQI team and volunteers, committed to our vision and objectives
  • Financial – increase financial revenue so that we can continue to invest in delivering excellence in the profession.