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Sustainability Impact finalists 2024

Meet the International Quality Awards Sustainability Impact finalists

This award, in partnership with BAM, awards the winner on the initiative which best translates environmental, social and governance policy and objectives to improve process, product and service outcomes for existing and future stakeholders. 

Hayleys Fabric   

Former Sustainability Impact winners, Hayleys Fabric, have once again been recognised for their continued commitment to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agenda. New initiatives include an effective water reduction programme and an innovative underwear fabric. This innovation ensures women and young girls in rural communities have autonomy over their personal care, enabling them to continue to work and attend school while menstruating. 

Talawakelle Tea Estates   

Talawakelle Tea Estates PLC has actively embedded a sustainability culture in their business, restoring 63 hectares of land to native forest and biodiversity. Our judges were impressed by their broader commitment to sustainability, including a women’s empowerment programme supporting women to access supervisory roles, growing trees for biomass fuel, and continued improvement in living conditions in the wider society. 

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