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Driving the future of quality through research and learning

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    The CQI’s commitment to learning, adapting, and evolving ensures we continue to deliver value and support for our members through access to shared expertise, knowledge, and exclusive benefits. We’re pleased to support Gartner’s State of Quality Function Survey as part of our ongoing collaboration.

    It is a cliché for a reason that the only constant is change, and the world of work is influenced by competing forces now as ever before. Change through digital transformation and pressure to deliver sustainability targets is accelerating.

    This continues to challenge how work is done, and organisations’ capacity and capability to exploit new opportunities and mitigate emerging risks.  

    Quality professionals must help address the challenges and opportunities facing the organisations they support.  Understanding the scope and context of organisations is at the core of what quality professionals do. The CQI Profession Map describes the knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to enable them to act as strategic partners and trusted advisors to business leaders.

    Alex Woods, Policy Manager, CQI

    Championing quality excellence through research and learning

    To better understand the challenges facing quality professionals, technological research and consultancy organisation, Gartner, has invited CQI members to take part in their State of Quality Function Survey on the future of quality talent and quality risk. The survey intends to address questions such as:  

    • What knowledge, skills, and behaviours will the quality professionals need in the future? 
    • How confident our peers are in identifying risk and what approach are they taking to manage it?
    • What quality metrics our peers are monitoring most closely to manage their function’s performance?  

    The CQI is delighted to continue its collaboration with Gartner on another project aimed at developing our collective knowledge and understanding of quality.

    We strongly encourage CQI members to take part by 21 June 2024. 

    Leading change for quality professionals 

    The themes covered in this survey are entirely consistent with those being explored at Quality Live 2024. This year's Quality Live programme features more than 30 keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. It focuses on critical topics facing the quality profession including AI, quality culture, and sustainable futures.  

    Quality Live harnesses a range of expertise, unique perspectives, and experiences from quality professionals, and those from outside. The International Quality Awards represent and celebrate the best and brightest quality professionals and cutting-edge organisations advancing agendas from sustainability to digital innovation. 

    Our new Quality Learning HubProfession Map, and work on Business Partnering models further delivers on our commitment to supporting our members to build their competence profiles, learn new skills, and drive positive change. 

    Looking beyond Quality Live, we will continue the conversation on performance to compliance and how to mitigate risk through quality culture at our annual World Quality Week in November.  

    Join the quality conversation throughout 2024 at Quality Live in June and World Quality Week in November. 

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