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Quality World: Fewer Issues, More Content

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  • Author: Gareth Kingston
    Head of Membership, CQI

    Quality World is the CQI’s flagship magazine. It covers news, views and tools on quality management and is a popular member benefit, so why change it?

    Over the last year, the world has had to adapt, both at work and in our private lives. We also recognise the value of being responsive. Our members have told us that they want more readily available content online and more ways to access that content. We’ve said we’ll make it happen. Now we have to deliver. 

    What members need

    Members consistently give us positive feedback on our content, and on Quality World in particular, so it would have been easy to keep things as they were. But we couldn’t ignore the mounting evidence that told us to:  

    • Broaden and deepen our content coverage  
    • Create more digital content  
    • Produce content more frequently  
    • Make readily available content

    The digital shift 

    Members have also been saying that they want us to do more digitally. And, as you can imagine, the pandemic has increased the urgency for this. We also looked at the latest research to support recent trends and found that people: 

    • Have shifted more to online content from print 
    • Prefer video to text when viewing digital forms of content  
    • Like bite-sized content 
    • Welcome content that personalises their experience 
    • Want content to be available when they want it  
    • Value substance over style 
    • Still like print despite wanting less of it  

    Change is coming 

    Our audience is diverse. We have 18,000 CQI and IRCA members in over 120 countries, working in 75 different industries. Many of them are at various career stages and have a range of interests. So we knew that our content needed to be more diverse too.  
    As proud as we are of Quality World, it takes a lot of work to put together each issue, and there simply aren’t enough pages to cover content for everyone. This makes reinventing Quality World a sound decision. As a quarterly publication, it will focus less on news and short pieces, and expand its long-read articles. This will make way for readily available content online. 
    Our Quality World Online hub will be the new digital home for the rest of our content, so you’ll be able to read new articles every week.

    Quality World Online 

    Quality World Online will include: 

    • An archive of easy-to-find Quality World articles from previous issues 

    • Regular Quality World webinars featuring quality influencers and innovators  
    • A bank of webinar recordings 
    • Briefings, opinions and news articles 
    • A dedicated careers section with advice, guidance and interviews 
    • Quality tools and techniques from the CQI and members 

    Collaborating on content 

    Our approach to Quality World is part of a new system of co-ordinated content within the CQI and with our volunteer professional networks. 

    Agile working 

    We aim to deliver these changes progressively, so we’ve started with quarterly Quality World issues in 2021. In April, we’ll launch the first version of the online hub. You’ll then see more additions in the months that follow. 
    The CQI is building a content portfolio that we’re certain our members will value. 
    Look out for updates on this content project in the member Networks newsletters. And don’t forget to download your spring issue of Quality World from the Members’ Area in mid-March.  
    If you have any feedback or suggestions on this project, please email [email protected] or find out more about becoming a CQI or IRCA member.