What does advocacy mean for CQI members

Advocacy benefits individuals, employers, industry and the profession as a whole. Simply put, an advocate demonstrates public support for the profession.

Importantly, as an advocate your number one job is to promote excellence in the profession. This means advocates inspire a better understanding of quality for those outside of the profession and inspire those within the profession to do their best and make a difference by ensuring governance, assurance and improvement in their organisation.

As a result, advocacy is intrinsically linked to continuing professional development (CPD). By becoming advocates our members can promote excellence in the profession and in organisations across the globe, while ensuring they are meeting their personal development goals.

Advocacy can take a number of different forms:

  • Sharing the CQI way of thinking
  • Recommending a colleague to the CQI
  • Sharing the story of their professional journey with the CQI
  • Attending events hosted by the CQI, CQI branches, CQI special interest groups and the CQI regions
  • Sharing expert knowledge with the CQI
  • Mentoring the next generation of quality professionals
  • Hosting or speaking at branch events
  • Working to educate the rest of their organisation in quality (especially the boardroom)
  • Volunteering with the CQI.

Join the CQI advocacy database or recommend a colleague

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