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4D Quality

14 December 2022 – 4:00pm

What is Quality? Why does it matter? Can you ever achieve it?

Quality is something that is usually only identified through it absence. People complain about it, demand refunds, replacements and reparation due to its absence. Rarely do organisations define what they mean by it in any really quantifiable manner. When they do define it, it is either in the form of a slogan, or through a negative (e.g. mean time between failures).

Many organisations still believe that they can achieve quality by satisfying and getting certified in some quality standard or model. By having an independent auditor confirm that they have satisfied the expectations of an ISO standard of other, they trust that the level of customer satisfaction will automatically increase – only to be disappointed in the standard as well as their own work.

In this talk, Peter Leeson will present the issues and solutions for organisation who truly believe in achieving positive results.

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