13 April 2021 – 3:00pm
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1 hour
Location United Kingdom

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This informative webinar will be hosted by Greg Hutchins, PE CERM, Principal Engineer and Founder of Quality Plus Engineering. Greg is the author of ISO 9001 and Supply Chain Risk Management, and started training QMS auditors in 1987 with one of the first CBs in North America.

The webinar will:

  • Explain how Boards are chartered and what their fiduciary risk duties are
  • Present examples of what Boards of Director’s Audit Committees expect and require in terms of operational reporting
  • Discuss reasons why quality management system audits are sent to the Board of Directors and how this can be remedied
  • Explain how ISO 19011-2018 can be used for Board audit reports
  • Present the format of a typical quality audit
  • Present audit formats and risk assurance that Boards expect
  • Explain three or four different types of board audits
  • Offer recommendations how quality audits can be more effective