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Leveraging Knowledge Management for Performance Optimization

10 November 2023 – 4:00pm

Join the Caribbean branch for their final 2023 World Quality Week event.

In this webinar, a distinguished panel led by Glenroy London (CQI Caribbean Branch Chair), Susan Samaroo (Vice Chair), and Patrick Jacob will convene to mark the culmination of World Quality Week. The session will explore Knowledge Management (KM) and its profound impact on organizational performance.

The panel will examine the pivotal role in enhancing decision-making and productivity within organizations and how its supports improved competitiveness, fosters innovation and improve decision making capabilities throughout the organization. The panel will discuss how quality professionals and leaders can design, implement, and improve their KM strategies, share perspectives on the critical steps for aligning KM objectives with organizational needs and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs). Insights will also be offered regarding the practical implementation of KM systems and the seamless integration of technology.

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