26 November 2020 – 2:00pm
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Location United Kingdom

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Hosted by Tim Pinnell, NQA Information Security Assurance Manager, this webinar discusses placing ISO 22301 in an operational resilience context, and how it and other management systems can contribute to the enduring viability of an organisation.

The global pandemic has affected businesses in ways they might not have anticipated. Supply chains have long been the subject of concern but COVID has shown how brittle they can be. Some organisations have weathered this difficult time better than others. Have modern ‘lean’ business practices rendered organisations vulnerable to disruption in tightly coupled raw material flow?

Nobody should claim that implementing ISO 22301 is the panacea to these problems. But it does provide a framework for addressing them, providing industry best practice to help organisations determine the risks to their viability.

This webinar will place ISO 22301 in an operational resilience context, defining what a resilient organisation looks like, and how to implement the standard. It will be seasoned with various examples from around the world and will also look at how a portfolio of ISO standards can help organisations.