15 June 2022 – 6:30pm to – 8:30pm
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Location United Kingdom

The CQI Wolverhampton Branch Welcomes Quality Management Expert David Hutchens who will deliver a presentation on Risk Management

For many, the words "Risk Assessment" easily slips off the tongue but do people think about what it means? In almost all walks of life we are required to carry out so called risk assessments. Often the members of such teams have received possibly no training whatever and whilst they are responsible and upright people. David is in favour of this if the work they do but they should have a better understanding of what 'risk' actually is.

Risk, is a probabilistic concept but how many people understand the laws of probability? Not too many I suspect.

This means that whilst Risk Assessment Teams might mean well, they could be far more effective if they had a better insight into what they are doing. David aims to address that in his session.