7 July 2021 – 12:00pm
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1 hour
Location United Kingdom

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Quality has been a white, male dominated arena and there has been some traction in increasing the number of women in the profession. While there is the common factor of passion for quality amongst quality professionals, it doesn’t remove the disparity and challenges of gender and race inequality.  It is hard to navigate as a woman, it is even harder to navigate as a woman from an ethnic minority. 

Everyday women from ethnic minorities are the last in the line for opportunities, while practices in recruitment have ensured that any unconscious/ conscious bias is minimised it still doesn’t help the individual to navigate a space where the culture is entrenched with historic power dynamics that are hard to shift.

This session will help you to:

  • Understand the importance of identity and values 

  • Learn to identify what you have power over and can control 

  • Understand the challenges that women/women from ethnic minorities face in the quality profession

  • How to identify and navigate racial and gender discrimination 

  • Relevance of the Equality Act (race & gender perspective)

Our speaker Penelope D’Souza has been a part of the quality profession for 24 years and, is currently a Qualified Transformational Coach and a women's advocate specialising in ethnic minorities. She also runs her social enterprise Stimulus Ltd. Through which she facilitates workshops, develops & delivers bespoke leadership programmes.