Recertifying with IRCA demonstrates that your skills and experience are up-to-date.


IRCA certification lasts for five years. At the end of each five-year certification period, we ask that you update us on your experience and confirm that you're still active in the auditing profession.

You can recertify at any time up to three months before your recertification due date. To recertify, you need to submit evidence of your continuing professional development (CPD), audit experience and a declaration of compliance with the CQI and IRCA Code of Conduct. You can download the documents you need below:

Audit requirements

Your audit requirements will differ depending on which IRCA grade you currently hold. The table below gives a breakdown of audit requirements by grade.

Continuing professional development (CPD) guidance

IRCA has moved to a new way of recording CPD based on a plan, do, check, act (PDCA) approach. This method puts the emphasis on reflection and the impact of CPD activities on your work.

Benefits of our CPD policy:

  • No need to undertake expensive courses in order to meet a minimum structured CPD requirement
  • Flexible learning options – meet your objectives using the activities that best suit your learning style
  • Provides you with a tool to help you reflect on your activities and find new areas for personal development.

How to complete the CPD log

You should set your objectives (Plan phase) at the start of each year and record your activities (Do phase) as you undertake them. As you progress provide a summary (Check phase) of what you have learnt from each activity and describe how the learning has impacted your work (Act phase).


Each year many auditors believe they have not fulfilled the CPD or audit requirements but go on to renew successfully after discussing their situation and experience with a member of our certification team. We have found that most auditors underestimate the amount of CPD they actually complete.

Take the opportunity to regrade for free

You can recertify to the same certification grade you already have or you can take the opportunity to advance to a higher grade without having to pay a regrade fee. Make sure you meet the requirements for the grade you want and then simply specify on your declaration form which grade you would like to be recertified to.

There is no fee for recertifying but you will need to pay the appropriate annual renewal fee once your recertification has been completed. Please visit our fees page for details of the annual fees for your country.

Has your certification lapsed? 

If your recertification date has already passed, that means you are currently no longer certificated as an IRCA auditor. You can still recertify in the normal way, provided that your certification expired less than three years ago. Complete the online Return to IRCA form and one our membership team will be in touch. If your IRCA certification expired more than three years ago, you'll need to start a new application