Published: 9 Aug 2016

The CQI eLibrary is filled with thousands of the world’s leading professional articles, reports, journals and magazines. To aid your continuing professional development we have chosen three articles that examine the subject of risk.

Risk oversight, by Ghislain Giroux Dufort and Denis Lavoie

This paper discusses how directors in Britain anticipate and monitor key strategic risks. The authors examine strategies for mitigating risk to help directors add value and enhance performance by focusing the Board’s attention on the right risks and trends.

Challenges for Systemic Risk Assessment in Low-Income Countries, by Mario Catalán and Dimitri G Demekas

Monitoring risk can be challenging for policy makers in low-income countries. This paper focuses on the issues these countries face and provides practical lessons on improving systemic risk assessment and mitigation.

Risk Analysis and Risk Management in the Public Sector and in Public Auditing, by László Domokos, Melinda Nyéki, Katalin Jakovác, Erzsébeth Németh and Csaba Hatvani

This article, published in Public Finance Quarterly, examines the unique traits that characterise risk analysis and risk management in the public sector. The authors discuss research from the State Audit Office and question whether the conscious management of risk is implemented.