Published: 9 Jan 2020

Since our inception in 1919, the science of quality management has changed radically from inspection to the broad management discipline it is today, and the CQI has too.

The four major trends that have driven that change continue to influence the development of quality management principles, methods and tools:

Global Trade – the changing landscape of geopolitics and markets and supply chains, including international standardisation of product and management systems.

Technology – the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies – big data, quantum computing, connectivity and robotics – that are changing business models, business systems and the very nature of work.

Personal & Societal Values - the increasing requirements on organisations to deliver personalised product and service, while meeting societies requirements to act a responsible corporate citizens with regard to ethics and behaviour.

Demographics – aging populations putting pressure on skills availability and public services, and the moral and business case for diversity in teams.

Like all professions, the quality profession and the CQI will need to adapt to this changing world it if it to remain relevant. The sections below summarise the changes we think will be required over the coming decade as at the CQI’s centenary year, 1919, and will be reviewed and updated periodically. These ‘visions for change’ drive the CQI Strategy