Apply to become an IRCA Certificated Auditor. Find out who IRCA certification is for, choose your certification grade, choose your certification scheme, find out about fees and apply today.

IRCA, a division of the CQI, is the leading professional body for management system auditors. IRCA Certificated Auditors are recognised around the world as leaders in their field. This page tells you everything you need to know to become certificated, including selecting the right certification grade and scheme.

By joining us you'll gain recognition as a qualified, competent auditor, better career prospects, more earning potential, access to exclusive online information, and networking and learning opportunities.

Who IRCA certification is for

IRCA certification is for management system auditors, including supply chain auditors, those employed by certification bodies or registrars, and those conducting audits within their own organisations.

It's also for other practitioners such as consultants, audit programme managers, and others involved in auditing through the development and maintenance of management systems, auditor training and standards development.

How to apply

To apply for IRCA Certification you first need to select a certification grade and scheme (see below).

IRCA offers six grades of certification tailored to suit different levels of experience, across 14 certification schemes, each based on a key ISO or industry standard reflecting an area of auditing expertise. Use the tables below to find which grade and scheme are right for you If you're not sure, try our Grade Quiz.

Choose your certification scheme

Our 14 certification schemes are listed below – click on the titles to find out who each one is for and what is required.

  • Each scheme is guided by the standards ISO 19011 (guidelines for auditing management systems) and ISO 17021 (requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems).
  • You can hold as many certifications as you want on different schemes (although you cannot hold more than one grade on the same scheme). Please note that each certification incurs its own set of fees.