As an IRCA auditor you will be entitled to use the title ‘IRCA-certificated auditor’, and you can use the IRCA logo on your email, website and business documents.*

You will also be listed on our online register, which is widely used by employers to find auditors.

There are 12,000 IRCA members in 116 countries worldwide. In Japan alone there are 3,500 members.

By undertaking IRCA training and joining the IRCA register you join a global community of audit professionals.

IRCA auditors have a reputation for excellence, and for that reason IRCA auditors on average earn 23% more than non-IRCA auditors. But it is not just about money, IRCA membership opens doors to other opportunities because employers trust IRCA.

Being able to call yourself an IRCA auditor is a passport to professional opportunities and an indicator to all that are at the forefront of your profession.

Please note: * applies to all grades except provisional auditior.