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Audit to boost organisational capabilities

Enhancing the role of auditing to boost organisational capability

Published: 22 Jul 2024

How can enhancing the role of auditing boost an organisation’s capability, sustainability, compliance, resilience and performance? Ian Rosam CQP FCQI, Chief Product Officer at DeepFathom and a member of the CQI's Audit special interest group, takes a closer look at the benefits of moving away from the traditional audit role.

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Delivering quality through authentic, effective, and brave leadership


Successful leadership fosters clarity and engagement, ensuring organisations consistently deliver exceptional quality outcomes. Barry Dore, a teacher, mentor, and author in leadership and communications, explores the importance of creating an inclusive and positive culture.

Group of women having a business meeting

Changing minds

Published: 8 Jul 2024

How entrenched can we become in our own way of thinking? Ryan Renard CQP MCQI, SQMS Manager at Ontic, looks at how quality professionals can change minds – including their own.

Anar Malikov CQP FCQI

Embarking on a Fellowship future

Published: 28 Jun 2024

As part of our continuing series of Q&As with CQI members who have regraded to Fellow, Anar Malikov CQP FCQI describes his journey to becoming a Fellow of the CQI.

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Driving the future of quality through research and learning


The CQI’s commitment to learning, adapting, and evolving ensures we continue to deliver value and support for our members through access to shared expertise, knowledge, and exclusive benefits. We’re pleased to support Gartner’s State of Quality Function Survey as part of our ongoing collaboration.

Susan Samaroo CQP MCQI

Embracing the full picture

Published: 9 May 2024

Susan Samaroo CQP MCQI outlines the critical role of a 360° business process map in an organisation.

From compliance to performance through quality culture


Today’s quality professionals must influence, motivate, and communicate to effect change and continue to deliver quality excellence in ever-changing environments. CQI member, Mark Eydman CQP MCQI, Founder and Lead Consultant, Six Pillars Consulting, shares his insights on how quality professionals can successfully overcome challenges, including isolation, to deliver quality excellence.