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Sustainability SIG (SusSIG)

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The SusSIG was officially launched by the CQI in November 2021 as part of World Quality Week, the theme being Sustainability: improving our products, people and planet.

The SIGs role is to ensure that a topic as important as sustainability is represented within the CQI principles and competencies. The aim is to provide a forum where quality professionals network, exchange best practices and ideas and share material on sustainability issues.

Initially the SusSIG will focus on corporate sustainability management, the following definition was created by the founding members:

Corporate Sustainability Management can be defined as a management activity that strives for the sustainable development of the environment, economy, and society, while simultaneously minimising the risks and enhancing the value of an enterprise, including stakeholder value

This definition was modified from one stated in Oh Hyun Min, Park Sam Bock, Ma Hee Young (2020) “Corporate Sustainability Management, Earnings Transparency, and Chaebols” Sustainability 2020, 12, 4222; doi:10.3390/su12104222

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Corporate sustainability should be at the heart of boardroom activity, says Zoi Kontodimou, Chair of the CQI’s Sustainability special interest group and Corporate Sustainability PhD Researcher.

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