Course code

This course brings auditors up to date on the revised version of ISO 50001, and the skills needed to audit against the new standard.

All IRCA Certificated EnMS auditors, irrespective of grade, are required to ensure their knowledge, skills and experience pertaining to ISO 50001:2018 are current by the end of the three-year transition period in 2021.

Who is it for?

This is the recommend method of transition for all IRCA Certificated EnMS auditors.

Learning outcomes

Courses consist of the following:

  • Content relating to the adoption of Annex SL
  • Content relating to the specific requirements of ISO 50001:2018.

Courses are available in two formats:

ISO 50001:2018 (Combined) Transition

This course includes both the Annex SL content and the content specific to ISO 50001 as a combined programme over two days.

ISO 50001:2018 (Modular) Transition

This course has two separate modules: one for the Annex SL content and one for the ISO 50001-specific content. Auditors must attend both modules. However, if you have completed the Annex SL training as part of an IRCA certified 9001 or 14001 transition or 45001 migration, you do not need to attend the Annex SL module again.

Find an ISO 50001 transition course

Go to the course directory to find a transition training course near you. If there is no course available in your country, please keep checking. Need help? Please contact