Thursday 9 November
Celebrating Everyday Leadership

World Quality Day 2017

Quality professionals at all levels display leadership behaviours – from advocating why quality is important to using fact-based thinking to help businesses balance conflicting objectives and targets.

This year, we are celebrating everyday leaders who exhibit the values of the quality profession – a clarity of purpose, a focus on stakeholders, a commitment to do things properly and to objectively evaluate outcomes, along with a passion for continuous improvement.

World Quality Day (#WQD17) is your opportunity to celebrate the achievements of your team and organisation, and recognise those that demonstrate leadership to sustain and improve performance every day of the year.

How will you celebrate World Quality Day 2017?

We would love to hear about how you will engage with your colleagues on World Quality Day. Email us your plans.

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What is World Quality Day?

Many individuals and organisations use World Quality Day as an opportunity to act as quality advocates. In 2016, over a thousand organisations across the globe hosted activities around the theme of ‘making operational governance count’.

Help us make 2017 a success. By honouring the quality profession on 9 November 2017, you help to raise the profile of the brilliant work you do all year round, and highlight the positive impact of quality on organisations.

World Quality Day is celebrated annually on the second Thursday in November

Future dates

  • 9 November 2017
  • 8 November 2018
  • 12 November 2019

CQI leading the profession

Every year, the CQI invests in supporting and promoting the profession. Discover our vision for a quality profession valued by employers as a business partner in delivering excellence in governance, assurance and improvement.

Here are just a few highlights of how the CQI is leading the quality profession:

We announced the inaugural International Quality Awards, in association with our proud  partner DNV GL – new for 2017. The CQI has launched a series of quality awards across six categories, designed to recognise the contribution of quality professionals across the globe.

View the categories >

We continually work with ISO on the latest quality standards to keep you up to date. We have representatives on the standards panels for ISO 17021-3, ISO 19011, ISO 45001, 9000, 9004, 9001 and 14001. This means we can give you cutting-edge, inside information on the latest standards, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Read our technical resources >

We introduced a new training portfolio, ensuring that the training provision for Quality Professionals meets the needs of the profession and industry. CQI and IRCA Certified Training offers 23 courses at foundation, practitioner and professional level to suit your progressing needs. These courses are matched to the Competency Framework, giving you the holistic knowledge and skills of the 21st Century quality professional.

Discover the benefits of our certified training >

Through our network of local branches in the UK and abroad, the CQI hosts a range of events in your local area to inspire and support the continuing professional development of members, hold open and informed discussions on areas of quality, and engage with interested parties including professional bodies and local industry.

Find out more about the CQI community >

We offer reports with practical case studies to help your learning. In the last year, we have produced several reports to help you develop your knowledge of the profession and wider industry. These include the lessons Crossrail learned about quality in the supply chain, the 2016 Good Governance report, practical guides to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015, and Good Governance in the Third Sector.

Read our thought leadership articles >

The best of the profession featured in Quality World magazine. We include practical case studies in Quality World that you can apply to your work, as well as quality tools to help you expand your knowledge.

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