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​Upgrade to Chartered Quality Professional – Member (CQP MCQI)

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This grade is for those whose key discipline or main focus of their work is quality, including consultants and quality specialists.

The assessment for Chartered Quality Professional is based on competency, rather than the amount of time you have been working. As long as you have the required knowledge, skills and work experience, both Affiliates and Practitioners can upgrade to Chartered status.



Work Experience

There is not a prescribed length of work experience for this grade, however you must provide details of your relevant career history, including details of all posts cited in your competence case studies.

Training and Qualifications

There are no specific training or qualifications requirements for this grade. Please list all training and qualifications that are relevant to your competence self-assessments.


The CQI requires Chartered Members to have a minimum of three active quality-related Continuing Professional Development objectives at all times. 

Our CPD format is structured around the Plan, Do, Check Act cycle. At the application stage you are required to complete the 'Plan' section for your three objectives. You may use existing CPD objectives if they are related to your role in quality.

CPD Guidance


We assess all Chartered Quality Professional applications using the CQI Competency Framework.

You are required to provide a self-assessment score for each of the five competence areas, supported by two evidenced case studies for each competence.

View the full competence guidance.

Skills and experience

You are able to execute activities in each of the five competency areas. You must be able to work unsupervised in at least one of the areas of governance, assurance or improvement. You must also have proactively demonstrated leadership behaviours and shown that you can adapt your activities to the context of your business. 


You have an understanding of what knowledge is required in each of the five competency areas. You can analyse and evaluate, and can adapt and apply your knowledge in most situations. View our application guidance for more information. 

How to apply

We suggest that you review the application guidance before you start your application 

Sign into the Members' Area, then hover over the yellow 'Members’ Area' tab on the left hand side of the navigation bar. Hover over the 'My Membership' tab and select 'CQI Regrade'. If you are eligible to apply to regrade to Member, you can complete the online application form and upload your supporting evidence. 

Pay your application fee and submit your application 

We will assess your application to ensure that you meet our criteria and if you are successful, you will be upgraded to Chartered Member status.


Contact us for further information about this grade, including advice on how to apply.